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Privacy Policy

Privacy Officer - To confirm our commitment to privacy, AllStaff has appointed a qualified member of our senior management team as the Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer is available to offer more information on our practices and policies, to ensure compliance by everyone at AllStaff and to rectify any complaints. The Privacy Officer can be contacted by mail at the following address: AllStaff Inc., 141 Wortley Road, Suite 5, London, ON, N6C.

AllStaff’s Privacy Officer will review any new processes, procedures or practices affecting the privacy of our employees, our suppliers and our clients to ensure they are compliant with our Privacy Policy.

AllStaff’s Privacy Officer commits to being aware and knowledgeable about any changes in the Canadian privacy legislation and to ensuring AllStaff consistently meets or exceeds the privacy requirements.

Your Personal Information and Electronic Documents

AllStaff Inc. respects the privacy of our associates and ensures your personal information is shared only within AllStaff Inc. There are certain circumstances, however, that require us to share personal information with third parties. This occurs only when it is necessary to perform the functions that enable us to adequately service you and will not be done without your prior knowledge or consent, unless it is for the purpose of a confidential investigation at which time AllStaff Inc. may be required to release your personal information to legal authorities without your prior consent.

Retention and Safeguards - AllStaff has set mandatory retention time frame limits based on Employment and Labour Standards and will retain personal information only as long as is outlined in the applicable legislation. Third party suppliers have been instructed to follow the same guidelines. In addition, the information, while retained, will be secured by appropriate safeguards relevant to the sensitivity of the information.

Individual Access – Upon request, AllStaff will release the personal information retained by the organization to the individual that the information is about, along with the use and disclosure of any personal information.

Specific requests for information can be directed to the Privacy Officer at the following address: AllStaff Inc., 141 Wortley Road, Suite 5, London, ON, N6C 3P4. The information will be released within 30 days of receipt of the request. Should AllStaff not be able to comply with the request for a justifiable reason, that reason will be given to the requestor.

AllStaff considers the following reasons justifiable reasons to refuse access to personal information:

Challenging Compliance - Individuals of whom AllStaff holds personal information have the right to file a challenge about the company’s compliance with Privacy legislation. AllStaff will consider all requests serious and will investigate any complaint thoroughly. To file a challenge, please send all relevant details and specifics to AllStaff’s Privacy Officer at the following mailing address:

Privacy Officer
AllStaff Inc. - Head Office
6th floor (Tower B), 380 Wellington St.
London, ON, N6A 5B5

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